The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders

A new photo book of incredible one-of-a-kind vehicles

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Focused on what is perhaps a niche topic, Gestalten’s new hardcover tome, “The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders” is not just for custom car owners and lovers. Readers who aren’t all that interested in the auto world will be surprised and thrilled by the incredibly comprehensive content within because rather than just being for rev-heads, this book has been thoughtfully put together to touch on history, design and (of course) the characters who obsess over their cars.

From sports and performance vehicles to lakesters, lowriders, hot rods and beyond, every and any kind of car makes an appearance—and thanks to the one-off nature of these custom creations, none look the same. With vehicles ranging from a Reboot Buggy that looks like it belongs on Mars, a seafoam Cadillac Coupe that’s bigger than a boat, to Jesse Valadez’s floral Gypsy Rose lowrider (a plush pink-hued Chevy Impala), there’s something for all tastes and styles. Considering how much money, time, effort and love have gone into these cars, it’s no wonder that many of them are listed with a retail cost of priceless.

Beautifully photographed, “The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders” ($69) officially releases 15 July, but is available on Amazon for pre-order now.

Images by Cool Hunting