CB2 + The Hill-Side Home Goods Collection

Modern furniture dressed up in The Hill-Side's timeless patterns and prints

Slip on one of The Hill-Side’s striped selvedge shirts or jacquard camo neckties and it’s not difficult to imagine yourself basking in an apartment outfitted with the same fashion-forward fabrics. Thanks to a new collaboration between the brand and home goods retailer CB2 (the first time CB2 has ever worked with a men’s clothing company), attaining that lifestyle is not so far-fetched. They’ve teamed up for a collection of home wares including chairs, rugs, bedding, hand towels, wallpaper and more—all drawing inspiration and source material from the very patterns and prints that adorn TH-S’s clothing and accessories lines.

The Hill-Side previously found ways to retouch, re-tessellate or tweak former patterns for current collections, allowing them to introduce products that, while looking completely new, bear a sense of familiarity. That same technique can be seen in their CB2 furnishings, most notably in the “Disintegrated Floral Print” rug, which started as an enlarged, filtered riff on one of their floral patterns, but emerged as an entirely new beast once it came back from craftsmen in India. The recognizable seams of selvedge denim that once lined the side gussets of their chambray shirts have now found their way to the trim of indigo hand towels, and their thick Wool Blanket fabric—which is used in everything from wallets to neckties and blazers to over-shirts—has been repurposed as the cover of a coarse, sturdy couch pillow.

The collaboration blossomed from an indirect connection between TH-S and CB2’s managing director Ryan Turf, who reached out a year and a half ago. Since then, “The partnership has been a perfect match,” says Emil Corsillo, a co-founder of TH-S. “We see eye to eye on everything, and CB2’s attention to detail and appreciation for quality is right up there with our own.”

Though the plan for a future TH-S furniture line is uncertain, it seems like a natural progression for the brand. “There’s a feeling of ‘growing up,’ both in a literal and a figurative sense, that goes hand in hand with caring about the space you live in,” explains Corsillo. “If there’s a population of young guys who relatively recently got interested in the clothes they wear, it seems like the next step for those guys would be to take an interest in their living spaces. I think half the fun of dressing well these days is the research–learning about brands, who’s behind those brands, where they make their stuff, how it’s made, etc.”

The full CB2 + The Hill-Side collection is available now at CB2’s online shop with prices starting at $7.

Images Courtesy of The Hill-Side + CB2