The first movie camera from the masters of throwback film photography


Taking the next great leap in their photographic evolution, Lomography has launched their first-ever movie camera. The LomoKino, which dropped today, is a compact, crank-powered movie-making machine that maintains the aesthetic and quality expected from the Lomo brand. Harkening back to the handheld crank cameras typical of home movies in the ’50s and ’60s, the LomoKino is a far cry from feature-packed HD setups you find in local electronics stores. As with all Lomo products, the LomoKino celebrates the beauty and romance of film while offering an amusing and experimental way to express yourself.


The LomoKino will work with any roll of standard 35mm film. The camera exposes the film in a constricted manner to turn 36 frames into 144 frames, giving the user about 40 seconds of movie magic. Other than an f/5.6 to f/11 aperture range, a “close-up” button and a hot shoe mount for Lomography flashes there aren’t a lot of controls to worry about and that is part of the point. The LomoKino is designed for the fun, playful and creative—it’s an exciting way to reconnect with the heritage of homemade movie-making while bringing the classic Lomo look alive in beautifully vivid colors, textures.

The LomoKino sells for $79 from Lomography or as a package with the LomoKinoScope, a viewfinder that lets you watch your movies right after processing, for $99.