Thomas de Lussac’s Louis XVI is Back

The French designer teams up with Perchebois to re-imagine the infamous king's iconic chair


Despite its significant history, the new furniture piece by French designer Thomas de Lussac in association with Perchebois—called “Louis XVI is Back“—is a most contemporary and daring armchair. The connection between de Lussac’s approach, which is a wooden skeleton more reminiscent of framework for a house, and Louis XVI’s 18th century velvet-covered seats is not immediate. But through meticulous execution, his re-working of this classic French style into a refined structure wavy lines is a welcome change thanks to meticulous execution.

Interestingly, the “Louis XVI is Back” chair is actually quite faithful to its predecessor, whose main characteristics were somber, geometric lines. De Lussac’s team have mimicked its form by shaping thin strips of oak and assembling them to have a slightly caved-in effect like that of the original. The antique version is also highly uncomfortable by today’s standards, but through a powerful combination of 3D-printing technology and time-honored craftsmanship, the artisans in the French Perche region are able to recreate the chair but with greater flexibility and sturdiness. The result, according to de Lussac, is almost a massage-like effect for those lucky enough to take a seat.

The “Louis XVI is Back” chair is made to order for €7,910.

Images courtesy of Thomas de Lussac