The Ultimate Deck

Cardistry stars and acclaimed magicians Dan and Dave introduce a set of art driven playing cards


A bewitching collaboration between branding agency Stranger & Stranger and renowned magicians Dan and Dave, the Ultimate Deck is a set of 54 playing cards a year in the making. Each card in the deck features a custom illustration that relates to the card’s suit and number, all with a slightly macabre twist for a deck that’s as artistically driven as it is fun to play.


Lightweight and flexible, the cards are housed in a specialty designed, black embossed box that is hand-sealed with a vintage-inspired stamp. Suitable for everything from card tricks to Go-Fish, this deck is ideal for the jokers in your life.

The Ultimate Deck is a limited edition offering from the dynamic cardists and Magic-Con founders, and sells exclusively through their online shop.

Images courtesy of Dan and Dave