Skate Study House Furniture Collection: The Waste is The Best


The second offering from the concept furniture line Skate Study House, made 100% of throwaway materials, including excess skateboard cutouts of laminated wood, is an homage to waste.

Created by Pierre Andre Senizergues in collaboration with designer Gil Le Bon De LaPointe, the Skate Study House collection is a modern-day takes its inspiration from the famous Los Angeles-based Case Study House project that debuted in 1945 and ran through 1966. By recreating some of the widely praised furniture installations from the era with new and recycled skateboard decks and accessories, Skate Study House brings together the hugely popular influence of the action sports world with mid-century modern design.

The first Skate Study House, debuted in 2008 at Colette and not only appeals to skateboard enthusiasts like Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek and more, but has also won over the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, showing that smart design can be fashionable, green and edgy all at the same time.


For their latest installment, inspired by Senizergues' creative vision and designed with Le Bon De LaPointe, "The Waste is The Best" adds an organic twist to the Skate Study House collection. Using non-renewable resources that have a minimum impact on the environment, the designers constructed the furniture out of leftover skateboard frames. Premiering once again at Colette tomorrow, the new pieces feature a “Cobble Chair," “Spine Table†and “Space Shelves,†lend a few more substantial pieces to the line.

For more information please visit Skate Study House.

The Waste is the Best
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