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The Water Tank Project

Artists transform NYC’s rooftop water towers to raise awareness about conservation

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With less than 1% of all fresh water on Earth safe for human consumption—a number that works out to around 200,000 km3 of water—the truth about the world’s available supply is frightening. To draw attention to the urgency of water conservation, the not-for-profit Word Above The Street is working with an array of artists who will wrap 100 of NYC’s beloved water towers in a museum-in-the-sky mission aptly dubbed The Water Tank Project. Curated by Lisa Dennison, Neville Wakefield and a host of other industry buffs, artists already signed on for the 2013 endeavor include Ed Ruscha, Tim Maguire, Tony Oursler and Mark Sheinkman.

water-tank-proj3.jpg water-tank-proj4.jpg

After the three-month stint in NYC, Word Above The Street plans to take the project around the world to cities like Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Mexico City and beyond. Those living outside of NYC or the project’s future locations can still experience the art through the nonprofit’s forthcoming app and other online media.

Supporters can back the project by shopping at Whole Foods in Manhattan on 1 March 2012, when 5% of sales will benefit The Water Tank Project, or by donating online through Paypal. Keep up to date with the project by following TWTP on Twitter.


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