The World’s Best Ever HIGH Kite & Journey Tube

This kite and water pipe carrying case set is made for weekend adventuring and spreading positive vibes


Taking the age-old saying “high as a kite” literally, the very creative brains at
The World’s Best Ever have developed their very own HIGH Kite & Journey Tube—two items made for weekend adventuring and spreading positive vibes.

The black and white kite is hand-stitched by Miami-based master kite-maker Dan Ward and serves as a bold statement—whether in use flying through the sky, or on display indoors. Meanwhile, the clever carry case’s use is two-fold: not just made for transporting the kite, the container doubles up as a fully functioning water pipe and was designed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based industrial design studio (and a CH favorite) The Principals.

Dave Wilfert—the brains behind The World’s Best Ever—says the concept for their newest edition came about very organically. He tells CH, “I was on the beach in Bathsheba, Barbados—a little bit stoned off a joint I had procured from some guys hanging out in a patch of banana trees—and my lady pointed inland to all of these kites that were sailing high in the sky. My lifted brain made a deep connection and I thought, ‘I wonder if anyone has ever put the word “high” on a kite?’ When I got back stateside I searched through the internet and found nothing. So the HIGH Kite was born.”

TWBEHighKite-JourneyTube-02a.jpg TWBEHighKite-JourneyTube-02b.jpg

The ins and outs of designing and actually producing the kite turned out to be slightly complicated—and expensive—and Wilfert soon expanded the idea to include a carry case. “I came to the easy decision of housing the kite in a bong, and that bong should be portable. For this to happen I knew just who to turn to get it made properly; my old buddies, The Principals. They agreed that it was a dream job, and after I sent them rough plans of how I thought it should work they set out to make the best portable kite bong carrying case that has ever been made. They took a Canal Street design and turned it into Madison avenue,” he says.


Proving that the simplest ideas are the best, The HIGH Kite & Journey Tube was created for one of the best reasons possible: fun. Wilfert says that more than anything, he just wants customers to have a laugh. (And, he says, “Envy from their friends that they were able to buy one of the 20 sets before they sold out in 24 hours.”)

The HIGH Kite & Journey Tube will be available exclusively at Paul Kasmin Gallery’s PK Shop—in-store in NYC and online—Thursday, 5 June 2014, where it will sell for $400. Act quickly because this playful and beautifully made product is in a limited edition of just 20.

Images courtesy of The World’s Best Ever