Giant Kites To Power Cargo Ships in New Decarbonization Initiative

Maritime shipping—responsible for over 80 percent of goods traded globally—produces three percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, but a giant kite, called Seawing, is an attempt to decarbonize the industry. Developed by Airseas, Seawing is a large parafoil (whose largest size extends beyond 1,000 square meters) that—when flown at a high altitude—drags ships across the sea, cutting fuel consumption and emissions by 20 percent. Soon, the 154-meter-long cargo ship Ville de Bordeaux will send its 500-square-meter Seawing kite into the air as part of a six-month trial to test it before full deployment. Learn more about this project and how it could pioneer sustainable transport at Bloomberg.

Image courtesy of Airseas