Today’s Front Pages


A project of the Newseum, Today's Front Pages began in 1997 as an exhibit when the museum first opened in Arlington, VA. When the museum re-opens in its new Washington D.C. location (currently slated for 2007) they will display 80 newspapers in a gallery that looks out on the U.S. Capitol. Similarly, the online component that launched last year is a daily compendium collecting the front pages of newspapers from 45 different countries, a total of over 400 different papers. Organized alphabetically, a quick browse-through is a telling glimpse at what makes for news across the planet, particularly on major news days. (Today, a Golden Globes-winning Reese Witherspoon made several U.S. papers, while most other countries ran items of a much more somber nature.) The site also features a map-based locator, downloadable pdfs for easier reading, and an archive of pages from historical dates.

via Jungle Life