Toytakeova is an exhibition featuring 10 of Australia's top emerging artists. Presented as a toy store, the artists explore societal values, behavior, and relationships through toys and play. Each artist was invited to create or modify their own selection of childhood toys by drawing from memory and interpretation. The about page states that:

…The work seeks to reverse the current trend of the art toy market – instead of mass-producing a toy, the aim is to individualize the mass-produced… The toys act as little mascots to our dysfunctions…

Currently, the exhibit will only be showing in Australia. (September 10th to 24th in Melbourne and November 25th to December 8th in Brisbane). According to Laura Krikke, exhibition curator as well as artist, an application has been sent to the Lower Manhattan Council, but she has yet to hear back from them. She is also looking into the possibility of having the exhibition shown in London as well. Hopefully the sponsorship and funding gods will smile down upon her, so that some of us non-Australians can take a peek. The 10 artists are: Laura Krikke, Micheal Swifte, Kirsty Boyle, Alicia King, Karina Averlon-Thomas, Alice Laing, Anita Fontaine, Troy Emery Goodwin, Van Sowerwine, and Simon Scheurle. Featured here is one of Laura Krikke's Kewpie Dolls.