Vitra Design Museum’s “Chair Times: A History of Seating” Film by Heinz Bütler

Free to watch for the duration of quarantine, courtesy of the Vitra Design Museum, filmmaker Heinz Bütler’s 90-minute film Chair Times: A History of Seating – From 1800 to Today documents the chronological development of 125 iconic chairs. This timeline and the items within reveal far more than structural tinkering. “We are able to perceive and comprehend an era—its social organization, its materials and technology, its aesthetic tastes—by observing its chairs,” says Rolf Fehlbaum, Vitra’s Chairman Emeritus, in a statement. The documentary, produced in 2018 by HOOK Film and Kultur Produktion GmbH, also features an exemplary lineup of experts. Watch it all, in German with English subtitles, at Vitra’s site.