Water Repellent Furoshiki

Traditional Japanese wrapping squares find a new purpose as the flexible alternative to the plastic bag


They’ve been around for thousands of years, but Furoshiki are making a fresh, practical comeback thanks in part to Japan Store. Once cherished as the precious carrier of royal and holy robes, the Japanese cloth squares were also used as bathmats centuries ago but today, they can be used as anything from a tote to a shawl. Returning to favor as the ubiquity of plastic bags comes into question, reusable Furoshiki represent an eco-friendly alternative. The newest iteration of Furoshiki, part of the shop’s Japanese-focused White Label Collection, comes in vibrantly patterned, water-repellent fabric that can be folded to wrap and carry stuff in an infinite number of ways.

A video directed by Saneyuki Owada demonstrates the Furoshiki in action for everything from picnic dates and bike rides to unexpected rain showers or trips to the market.

furoshiki_2.jpg furoshiki_3.jpg

The water-repellent Furoshiki are available through White Label’s website in a variety of traditional and contemporary patterns for approximately $38 each.

Images courtesy of Japan Store