Williams Knife Company

Handcrafted oyster knives from Chris Williams' South Carolina workshop


A master craftsmen, Chris Williams oversees the creation of his knives from the sheath to the blade. Working out of his studio in South Carolina, Williams dedicates himself to creating blades that are as functional as they are beautiful. By using a combination of exotic and domestic materials—including some of his favorites like whale bone, maple burl and amber stag—he’s able to craft exquisite pieces. Williams is constantly experimenting with new techniques and forms, though oyster knives are one of his specialties.


Named for Edisto Beach, the Edisto is highly regarded. With a unique curved and pointed shape, the Edisto is unlike any of its other competitors, and its innovative shape has won Williams several awards. Never satisfied with his work, Williams is constantly offering the Edisto in new variations. Williams’ latest edition is a limited run of Edisto knives featuring Damascus steel blades with whale bone and amboyana burl handles.

All of Williams’ knives come in handcrafted leather sheaths, which can be monogramed or customized upon request. Williams Damascus steel collection can be found at Ewin’s Dry Goods for $300 to $950 or can be ordered directly from Williams’ website.