Woodendot’s Batea Tables Collection

Coffee and tray tables from solid oak and lacquered steel, with ample storage space

There’s a substantial reason why wood plays the defining material in the work of Spanish design house WOODENDOT. Co-founder Daniel García hails from Valladolid in Spanish region of Tierra de Pinares—where up to 80% of the population is dedicated to crafting design items from wood. Along with María J. Vargas, García set out to develop a brand balancing forward-thinking but direct pieces along with the skill sets of master wood craftsmen. Latest among their concise homeware lines, the Batea Tables Collection pairs solid oak with a lacquered steel tabletop. And while clean geometric shapes define the visual aesthetic, it’s the surprising availability of interior storage space that makes these more than just pretty objects.

Three different tables (each in an array of colorways and finishes) populate the Batea collection. Each has been differentiated by size. The L (or large) coffee table features ample storage space by way of a sliding top. The M, a medium-sized coffee table, reveals storage beneath its removable table lid. And the S, a small side or end table, features a top that doubles as a serving tray. Beyond similar materials and clean geometries, they’re all at varying heights allowing them to be set together, in any combination. All tables come with a two year warranty, as well, and take only five to 14 days to ship out—but do require assembly at home.

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Images courtesy of Woodendot