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Aeroshot Pure Energy

Calorie-free caffeine inhalers with more kick than a strong cup of Joe


In an age when medical marvels such as inhalable vaccines are becoming more widely available, it’s only logical that this convenient medium converges with the global energy drink boom. While increasingly smaller forms span shot-like bottles (R.I.P.
) to
dissolving strips
, Aeroshot’s inhalable caffeine has some notable advantages.

This new paradigm packs B vitamins and 100 milligrams of caffeine, equivalent to that in a large cup of strong Joe, but without craft-level preparations, the calories of Starbucks or coffee breath. Designed to be temperature resistant as well as TSA-friendly for use on commercial flights, though we haven’t tasted it yet, the website claims it’s both fast and safe.

The brainchild of Harvard professor David Edwards whose culinary innovations include inhalable chocolate and many others, this latest commercial effort has some interesting applications for looping back into the medical community. Both less messy and easier to use than today’s nasal inhalable devices, Aeroshot could have some far-reaching potential for delivering vitamins, medicine, anti-viral shots and vaccines at more affordable price points.

Hitting stores in Boston and New York in about three months from now, a free sample is available for the first 500 people who apply for a promotional code.


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