Alice’s Stick Cookies

Deliciously crumbly, all-natural treats

alice-cookies1.jpg alice-cookies2.jpg

Buttery and crumbly, Alice’s Stick Cookies are a rich treat that will have you licking your fingers. (We won’t say which CH editor poured milk into a bowl of leftover crumbs and ate them like cereal.) The delightful texture and flavor makes the treat great for decadently crumbling over ice cream, but they’re perfect served simply, say alongside an afternoon coffee, too.

Despite sharing a shape with another common coffee companion, these cookies are taste quite different than biscotti. The secret to their flavor lies in the brand’s founder Alice, who (in business since age 70) uses top quality ingredients including cane sugar syrup imported from the U.K. and malted barley flour to get the toffee-like appeal.

The treats, available in vanilla, lemon, orange-chocolate chip and cinnamon-ginger varieties, are free of eggs, nuts, artificial flavors and preservatives, making them safe for those with allergies. Packaged in simple black and white boxes, they sell at Amazon, for around $9 a box.