Artisan Revere’s Chef Knife

Ultra-thin and resilient, this knife hit Kickstarter today

Most chef’s knives boast weight and a menacing blade. Wielding one, with any sort of precise skill, can be a daunting task. There are plenty of low-level options with less weight and a less intense blade, but they often don’t last—or they aren’t aesthetically appealing. But Artisan Revere‘s chef knife, which hits Kickstarter today, is a lightweight option that outperforms some of the most acclaimed iterations on the market.

Crafted from third-generation Elmax powder steel (a material generally reserved for industrial projects), the blade is ultra-thin—comparable knives have a blade width of 0.02 inches, but the Artisan Revere blade is half that. Etched onto the side of every 8.5-inch blade is the elemental composition of the knife.

Because of its super-steel construction, the knife stays sharp for an incredibly long time. The first cut is surprising, almost startling, and does take a few uses to get accustomed to. Between its width and superior edge, it makes dicing, chopping and slicing easy and fast. Holding the knife is ergonomically pleasing too. The handle, made from 65% recycled paper content, is curved and contoured and there’s a slip-resistant coil at the back of the blade to keep fingers from sliding into its path.

The Artisan Revere chef knife is available to back on Kickstarter now.

Images courtesy of Artisan Revere