Baked Granola


Normally bakeries aren't run by two guys formerly in the advertising industry, but Baked isn't a normal bake shop either. The Brooklyn dessert destination houses cakes like "Sweet & Salty!" and "Oopsy Daisy," "Monster" cookies and giant marshmallows, leaving us thinking guys should bake more often.

While we'd love to bask in the glory of these rich, delicious desserts everyday, it's likely best they're left for the occasional treat. Instead, we opt for Baked's all-natural granola. Obviously granola is no chocolate brownie, but we promise their Chocolate Blend granola will more than satisfy any sweet tooth and will also leave your body and brain feeling extra happy. It doesn't take chocolate to spruce up Baked's granola though; their House and Mountain Blends are just as appealing, both stacked with honey, oats and a variety of nuts and spices.


Stop by their shop in Red Hook, or their recently-opened second location in Charleston, South Carolina for a mouth-watering dessert or shop their selection of online goodies.

The granola is $6.50 per bag and also available from Baked's online shop.