Cacao Beans from Big Tree Farms

Raw, delicious all-natural treats from Bali, Indoneisa


Chocolate lovers know that there’s nothing quite like a tasty cocoa bean. The only thing that could make them better: if they came pre-shelled. And that’s exactly the case with Big Tree Farms’ Cacao Beans. Yes, they offer up plenty of all-natural energy and compounds like anandamide (which, in theory, triggers bliss that stimulates all our happiness receptors), but they are also easy to snack on. These pre-shelled and peeled beans are Balinese, which means they are milder than one might expect, but still rich. They also happen to be cold-processed, so although they appear to be roasted, in fact the temperature never rises above 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Big Tree Farms’ Cacao Beans are available online for $10.

Images courtesy of Big Tree Farms