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Capogiro Gelato Artisans

Cappogiro Gelato
Stephanie Reitano

Rosemary Honey Goat's Milk. Lemon Opal Basil Sorbetto. Carambola con Limon Verde. Intrigued yet? Stephanie Reitano was so inspired by trips to gelaterias in her husband's native Italy that she created her own in Philadelphia. Produced EVERY morning in small batches using only the freshest (and mostly local, seasonal and organic) ingredients. Stephanie's more than 250 flavors will intrigue, beguile and seduce you. Let's put it this way: I had to take a trip to Philly just to meet her. Sign up for the daily email list to see what flavors she's already made by the time you get out of bed. Fortunately her frozen love is available at Garden of Eden in New York City, and by mail order from her web site.

Stephanie's offering a special deal for Cool Hunting readers; mention Cool Hunting in the notes area and you'll receive one free pint with your order.


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