The New Classic Frozen Treats

Six delectable twists on ice cream staples

While healthy frozen treats might relieve the guilt, nothing quite beats the heat like a chilly old-school dessert. The updated versions of such tasty classics—from fro-yo sandwiches to hand-held banana splits—all promise to add some serious flavor to see you through the rest of summer.

FrozenTreats-SD2.jpg FrozenTreats-SD.jpg
So Delicious Coconut Minis Sandwich

These cute little sandwiches are perfect for a quick summer snack. They’re made of agave-sweetened coconut milk and have 100% of your daily value of calcium per serving. We tried the banana split flavor, but they also come in coconut and vanilla.

juliefugde.jpg juliebars.jpg
Julie’s Ice Cream Bars

Possessing all the appeal of the traditional ice cream bar but none of the additives, Julie’s ice cream bars are made from entirely organic ingredients, making for a rich, creamy blend of classic chocolate and vanilla. The bars also come in several variations on the tried-and-true theme—fudge, vanilla with almond, coffee, and blackberry.


Grey Goose Popsicles

Made at home by Evan, these frozen fruity bars contain an extra kick, lemon-flavored vodka. He mixed Le Citron Grey Goose with raspberry juice and homemade lemonade (although pre-made will do in a pinch), resulting in the perfect blend of cocktail and popsicle. The treats are so delicious you’ll waste no time devouring them, which is all the better since they melt fast. (Pick up your own
stainless-steel molds
from Brook Farm General Store.)

gelatosquares1.jpg gelatoingreds.jpg
Ciao Bella Gelato Squares

If you crave a more decadent snack, try one of Ciao Bella’s Chocolate S’mores Gelato Squares. The rich blend of all-natural Belgian chocolate gelato with swirls of milk chocolate and marshmallow will satisfy any chocolate lover while still keeping you cool. The creamy snacks come in sandwich form to keep hands from getting sticky while snacking, and are also available in Key Lime.


Additionally, for a yummy healthy alternative to the Gelato Squares, try Jala’s Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches, an office favorite. The creamy yogurt comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, nestled between two soft chocolate cookies. These low-guilt sandwiches not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but they also have health benefits because they contain active probiotics.

FrozenTreats-Bananas1.jpg FrozenTreats-Bananas2.jpg
Diana’s Bananas

These Banana Babies are so delicious they disappeared from our office freezer at an astonishing rate. Dipped in real dark chocolate—nothing artificial or substituted—Diana’s frozen bananas make an excellent midday treat.