CH Editions: Happy Goat

Goat milk caramel sauce blended with Macallan scotch for delicious drizzling


When the San Francisco confectioner Happy Goat brought their deliciously artisinal caramels to the NYC Food Fair earlier this year, all it took was one bite before we were hooked. Using locally-sourced, free-range goat milk and Madagascan bourbon vanilla beans, founder Michael Winnike and a few friends mix up each batch in traditional copper pots for an addictive treat that is naturally lower in fat. Also, because goat milk is low-lactose and the closest in nature to mother’s milk, the caramels are also easier on the lactose intolerant.

After a few months of enjoying the caramels on a pretty regular basis, we wondered what they would taste like with a little Scotch mixed in—because, who wouldn’t want that? We connected Winnike with our friends at The Macallan, who were happy to help craft what has become one of the richest, most complex caramel sauces we’ve ever tasted.

The limited-edition jar sells exclusively from our Cool Hunting for Gap pop up shop for $19 each. After experimenting with the sauce on a few different foods, we recommend adding it to a cappucino, dipping apples in it or drizzling over any dessert in need of a little extra zing.