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Designer Tomato Juice

Designer Tomatojuice

The Japanese E-Zine Shift offers on their site designer tomato juice for 2,000 yen (about $19). It’s made from organic tomatoes in the town of Toasa in Hokkaido. The red elixir is said to be of a higher quality than normal tomato juice with a fresher taste than other brands. This product is the collaborative effort of Taketo Oguchi and Hideki Inaba. The bottle design could be seen as either a typographer’s wet dream—potential bloody mary in a typographically designed bottle—or nightmare, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing depending on his or her childhood experience with the stuff. Either way, there’s no doubt about it—this ain’t your grandma’s V8!! I’m just waiting for the designer prune juice to come out next! Mm.. mm.. good!!
– Carol Chung


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