McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

A titillating mixer made from a traditional family recipe


Using the brine from their palatable spicy pickles as the base, McClure‘s refreshing Bloody Mary mix is the upshot of invigorating ingredients and a family recipe spanning generations of use.

Each batch is made by hand and contains locally-sourced ingredients—starting with cayenne and habanero peppers for the brine and topped off with tomato paste and fresh pressed cucumber juice.

The mix is naturally ideal with vodka but it can also serve as a healthy vegetable juice, a zesty marinade or as the fiery ingredient in a bowl of gumbo.

Each jar is made in either Detroit or Brooklyn (where the brotherly duo are individually based) and sell from fine establishments such as Marlow & Daughters, The General Greene, Murray’s Cheese, Royal Oak Farmers Market and The Centaur Bar and more for around $10 a jar.

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