Diesel Farm Wine and Olive Oil


Branching out from denim and distressed fashion and looking to a different part of their Italian heritage, Diesel recently started to produce their own wine and olive oil under the Diesel Farm label.

Diesel's premium offerings include a '99, '04 and '05 Chardonnay for €110, an '04 and '05 Merlot/Cabernet blend for €148, an '04 and '05 Pinot Nero for €138, a Grappa for €50, and even an extra virgin olive oil for €105. For Diesel's biggest enthusiasts, they take recent customization trends from their clothing and fragrance line and allow for custom limited edition bottles of both their red and white varieties.

All the new Diesel products will be available at chosen restaurants and retailers. They are also available for purchase online at Diesel Farm and ship worldwide.

via is brave