Hella Bitter’s Craft Your Own Bitters Kit

An all-inclusive set including jars, bottles, herbs and recipes for DIY cocktails


Almost two years ago we tried out Hella Bitter‘s all-natural craft bitters and found them to be a refreshing, premium alternative to mass-produced and (at the time) better known products. What began as a hobby for the Hella Bitters team ultimately turned into a fully funded Kickstarter that led to the successful production and distribution of their two masterful creations: Aromatic Bitters and Citrus Bitters. The entire craft cocktail revival hinges on curiosity and a want for something more from behind the bar. With that as a through-line, today, Hella Bitter announces a new product, the Craft Your Own Bitters Kit.


“This was an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from other craft cocktail bitters makers,” co-founder Tobin Ludwig tells CH. And while it certainly does that, the box is inspired by history. “The outside of the die-cut box is inspired by an antique cocktail book. We even place our logo in the position of a publisher,” he says. The team spent months prototyping, based on an image first drawn on paper and taped to a box. From there, they approached creation based on all the individual components, focusing on quality. And while the parts (including a custom Made in USA strainer and funnel that fit perfectly into one another) are high-quality, Hella Bitter managed to keep the overall price low—especially for those who support the Kickstarter. And, as for why they returned to crowdfunding when their bitters are already sold at over 500 locations nationwide, co-founder Eduardo Simeon explains, “We are revisiting the original community that gave us life. It’s also proof of content. It’s a DIY kit on DIY Kickstarter.”


The kit also includes two source blends composed of various herbs and spices (perfected over months by Ludwig), two infusion jars, four dropper bottles (for when the process is complete) and a four-step recipe explaining how to put it all together. There are also instructions on how to vary your base spirit—something uncommon in most bitters kits. Ludwig says their mission is simple: “The goal is to empower creativity, with a very high probability that the end result is delicious bitters.”

Support the Craft Your Own Bitters Kit on Kickstarter, where a $45 contribution will get you a kit at a substantial discount.

Images courtesy of Hella Bitter