Five Wondrous New Chocolates

From camel milk iterations to birthday cake-like explosions

It seems like many of us are on an unending quest to discover new types of chocolate. The applications of cocoa are almost endless and we are frequently stunned to see new ways it’s utilized—especially in trusty old chocolate bar form. The following five sweets struck our fancy and appeased our palates in uncommon ways. Whether it’s an innovative Detroit-made brand, a camel milk blend from Dubai or something resembling birthday cake, these options are worth seeking out because they land what we already love, but present something delightfully distinct.

Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate Bar

For centuries, camel milk has supported cultures and communities—and yet, it’s not very common in most Western foods. When met with 70% cocoa, Bourbon vanilla and acacia honey in Al Nassma‘s signature bar, the result is divine. It’s really a classic dark chocolate bar on the tongue, with the camel milk properties fading behind the chocolate and nuttiness.

Bon Bon Bon Chocolates

Blending traditional French chocolatier techniques with DIY Detroit twists, Bon Bon Bon hand-makes chocolate wonders in bonbon form—in essence, little chocolate covered confections. Since their inception in 2013, the brand has sought out single-origin, small-batch chocolate to blend into something new and extraordinary. Our personal favorite happens to be the #31 PB & Jam, crafted from honey-roasted peanut butter and Beau Bien jam—but really, a sampler of them all is necessary.

Chocolate Naive Porcino

Pairing the finest Tanzanian cocoa with wild porcini mushrooms makes for one of the most distinct chocolate bars we’ve tasted in some time. Chocolate Naive’s Porcini bar, made in Lithuania (where the mushrooms are also sourced) does exactly that. Don’t expect to taste truffle oil notes here. While it noses heavily of mushroom, the porcini inside begets a woody taste and it holds through a strong finish. This bar also happens to be organic and the simple ingredient list attests to its purity.

Compartes Let Them Eat Cake Bar

The white chocolate wonder Let Them Eat Cake Bar, by LA-based Compartes chocolatier, incorporates three types of vanilla beans, real white birthday cake batter and rainbow sprinkles. It’s an entirely organic offering that manages to look playful but taste exactly as you’d expect: like a rich, celebratory cake.

La Maison du Chocolat’s Truffles with Alcohol

While pairing chocolate and booze isn’t a new concept, utilizing sake as one of their ingredients definitely sets La Maison du Chocolat apart here. The Japanese rice wine has been incorporated into one of three truffles in their latest limited edition Truffles with Alcohol gift box. In case the sake doesn’t appeal, there’s also whiskey and cognac truffles in the box—all of which have also been made with a lavish chocolate ganache.

Al Nassma, Bon Bon Bon and Porcini images by Cool Hunting, all other images courtesy of respective brands