Hail Merry

Holistic living inspires the creation of delectable healthy snacks


Susan O’Brien founded snack company Hail Merry on the island of Maui, crediting yoga and meditation as the inspiration for creating healthy food. We sampled the line of raw, vegan and gluten-free macaroons and tarts at CH HQ and were pleasantly surprised with how satisfyingly rich the treats seemed for our mid-afternoon sweet fix.

The bite-sized macaroons are dense enough to taste like an indulgence, with a strong coconut flavor that became rapidly addictive. The miniature tarts were a favorite among the team, with saturated flavors from the Meyer lemon—whose flaky crust tasted nothing like a typical gluten-free alternative—to the decadent chocolate and almond butter, which tasted like a Justin’s peanut butter cup in pie form. We also tried the classic chocolate tart made from organic pressed coconut oil was so rich, it was easy to share.


Now based in Dallas, the company’s packaging just received a new clever re-design by Michael Graves Design Group. The Hail Merry snacks range between $25-$150 for various assortments. For a full list of stockists and more information visit their website.

Images courtesy of Hail Merry