Gordy’s Pickles

Spicy dills you're sure to relish


A good pickle is typically welcome any time of year, but as backyard barbecues heat up they become the essential summer accompaniment. Sure to add a zesty burst of flavor to your next veggie burger or Italian sausage is Gordy’s, a Washington, DC-based pickling company started by friends Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain late last year.

Gordy’s currently stocks four types of pickled goods—Sweet Pepper Relish, Hot Chili Spears, Thai Basil Jalepeños and Sweet Chips—each jarred in equally refreshing packaging. Designed by graphic designer (and CH contributor) Noah Armstrong, the label speaks to Gordon and Fain’s interest in championing the grandmotherly nature of pickling while still keeping a modern aesthetic.


We enjoyed all four of the small batch varieties, and found the flavors to be completely present without knocking you out. The spears have the ideal amount of spicy zing to eat on their own, the chips have a touch of ginger to keep them from tasting too sweet, the jalepeños are especially crisp and certainly deliver in kicking it up a notch, and the relish is not only the appropriate blend of savory and sweet, but is diced just the right size to keep from becoming mushy.

All of Gordy’s ingredients are entirely organic. The jars sell online for $10 each or from an array of shops around the DC area.