June, a CBD Facial Serum for Every Type of Skin

June CBD Apothecary is an all-natural alternative to traditional skincare products

As CBD makes its way into nearly every product imaginable—from coffee to soda, capsules and more—it’s easy to overlook that it’s not just for ingestion. June CBD, a new maker on the scene, has just launched a marvelous facial serum using the nourishing and anti-inflammatory hemp oil as an ingredient in their all-natural and super-clean formulation.

The skin serum, comprised of all-natural ingredients, is made to be gentle and adaptive to all skin types. Inside the bottle (available in 30ml and 7ml sizes) is organic, full-spectrum CBD from Garden Om Hemp Co, Camellia Japonica Seed, organic Calendula, almond, carrot seed, arnica, macadamia nut, evening primrose and rosehip seed.

With roots in user experience, founder Sylvia Wehrle fell in love with the benefits of CBD and set out to find a way to share it in a meaningful way within the increasingly crowded market. She landed on this product as her foray and focused on how it can work with everyone in conjunction with their current rituals. June, named after Wehrle’s grandmother Betty June, is an ode to its namesake’s far-reaching impact—one that promoted a good-hearted style of living, in which she always offer help and guidance to others. CBD, Wehrle feels, embodies that same “whenever needed” style of healing.

The base for the the serum is sourced from a tiny vendor in Tokyo. It’s Camellia japonica seed oil from the island of Toshima. Using traditional methods to cold-press the seeds into oil, 82% of its fatty acids remain—all of which are oleic fatty acid, also known as Omega-9. This percentage, especially when combined with the CBD oil, makes for an easy transdermal transfer. It doesn’t feel oily; rather, it’s easily absorbed and leaves the skin moisturized and radiant. Appropriate for morning and night use, we find that it’s best on its own night—because of its soothing qualities—but works nicely alongside other products in the morning.

If you’re NYC-based, Wehrle will be hosting a CBD Skin Care Workshop at the Eileen Fisher Maker Space in Brooklyn on 2 November. There, you’ll be able to learn how to integrate CBD into your daily life—much like Wehrle hopes June will allow those who need it will.

June CBD Facial Serum is available in a 7ml test size for $25 or 30ml full-size for $90.

Images courtesy of June CBD Apothecary