Java Juice


Only second best to an IV drip, Java Juice, a new coffee extract makes your next caffeine fix as instant— and as transportable and economical—as a Cup-o-Noodles. Slightly more gourmet and environmentally-friendly than its ramen counterpart, each packet contains a half-ounce of organic Arabica coffee that, unlike other extracts, is a "live" product, formulated to retain freshness and flavor without the use of preservatives. The liquid has a six-month shelf life and can be mixed with hot or cold water or milk, used in baking and cooking, or added to coffee in need of a boost. Designed to withstand high air pressure and crushing, Java Juice can be packed for travel, outdoor adventures, or simply taken to the office when bitter, burned Mr. Coffee brew becomes intolerable.

Starting at $10 for a pack of 10, pick some up from Java Juice.

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