Java The Hop Coffee Beer

An IPA with a caffeinated kick from two Northwest brewers


by Chérmelle D. Edwards

In the Northwest, two local brewers—one of coffee and the other of beer—have joined forces for an unlikely collaboration. Portland’s Coava Coffee Roasters and Astoria’s Fort George Brewery have created a canned seasonal IPA called Java The Hop. The idea originated when Fort George Brewery co-owner Chris Nemlowill wanted to make an IPA “that was light in color, but with really nice coffee aromatics,” Brad Blazer (of said brewery) tells CH. Starting with small batches from their “Sweet Virginia” 8.5 barrel system in the pub, and coffee beans from various sources, this ale is a complement to the techniques of brewing. “One key to this beer is getting the freshly roasted coffee into the fermenters within a very short window—about 24 hours. And, Coava made that happen,” says Blaser.

While many coffee beers lend to a darker profile, Java the Hop is light in color and taste, boasting notes of berries and rose petals with a smooth finish and a lingering peach aftertaste—a welcomed caffeinated kick for after hours. Java the Hop is available from Fort George Brewery throughout the Northwest in 12 and 16 ounce cans. Find retailers through Fort George’s beer finder. And if such strange brews are your taste, have a look back at Narragansett’s Autocrat Milk Stout offering.

Images courtesy of Fort George Brewery