Julie Anne’s Granola

Handmade granola from Las Vegas hits the mark


On a recent trip to Las Vegas we discovered locally-made Julie Anne’s granola. Frustrated that she couldn’t find granola she liked, Julie Hession decided to make her own and launched the line in 2008. Today there are five flavors available: Sweet Citrus, Decadent Raspberry Truffle, Berry Yummy PB&J, Maple Blueberry (warning: highly addictive) and Tropical Bliss.

The key to tasty granola is finding the right balance between grains, fruit and nuts, with just enough sweetness. We think Julie Anne’s hits the mark on all fronts. She makes every batch (and even packages them) herself.

Julie Anne’s Granola sells online in eight- and 16-ounce bags (for $6 and $8, respectively) and by the case, as well as at a growing list of retailers.