Kaffismidja Islands Coffee

A superior cup of coffee from Reykjavik's creative community's shop of choice


At home or in the office our day begins with the all-important cup of coffee, so even when we’re on the road we’re not willing to compromise. While in Reykjavik for DesignMarch we were tipped off to Kaffismidja Íslands, the local’s coffee shop of choice. As one of the first dedicated coffee shops and roasteries in Iceland, Kaffimidja helped pave the way without straying from the basics—impeccably pulled espressos and a friendly environment—that keep locals coming back through the dark winter months. On our farewell visit to snag a recently roasted bag of beans we ran into graphic designer Siggi Odds and Anthony Bacigalupo of Reykjavik Trading Co., further proving the locale’s importance within the small city’s creative community.


So how did it taste outside the comfortable confines of the shop? Good. We grabbed a bag of dark roasted beans from Bella Vista Ranch in Colombia. Even though they traveled around the world to eventually land here at CH HQ in New York, the vacuum-sealed bag kept everything fresh. Brewed via pour over, the aromatic coffee made for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Similar to George Howell’s La Bendición, the brew was mellow with a citrus-based flavor, although slighter more acidic. We applaud Kaffismidja’s dedication to quality.

If you happen to swing through Iceland’s capital city make sure to put Kaffismidja at the top of your to-do list.

Images by Graham Hiemstra