Kettle Bakes Potato Chips


This is probably a good time to remind readers that we maintain a strict editorial policy at CH. Products mentioned on the site are here because we like them. We never accept money for editorial consideration, and all of our paid ads/promotions are clearly labeled as such. Sometimes people send us samples for review, and what we don't eat, return or give away we do sometimes keep.

Now that we have that out of the way, it may seem like we give a lot of attention to Kettle Chips. We cover their contests and lavishly praise their tasty concoctions. And here they are again, this time with their new line of baked potato chips.

Yes, we think the people there are smart and have a good time. And that counts. But here's the word: These are the best baked chips we've had at CH HQ. Most baked chips have an unfortunate synthetic texture and have an overly chemical taste. Try these and you'll see all the difference that passion can make in a chip. These feel like kettle cooked chips in your mouth. The White Cheddar flavor greets your tongue without overpowering it, and the salted plain chips are perfectly simple. Best of all, these chips have 65% less fat than the kettle cooked ones, and no trans fats. They have 120 calories for an ounce of chips (they're still chips) but only 3g of monounsaturated fat.

Hook your party up with these and some Cabo Chips and you are good to go.

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