Madhouse Munchies


Like other Vermont food products before them, Madhouse Munchies potato chips are naturally scrumptious, made with gourmet ingredients, and comparatively healthy. Made with mono-unsaturated canola oil, kettle-cooked and certified vegetarian, the snacks are trans fat-, hydrogenated oil-, and cholesterol-free, and significantly lower in saturated fat than their competitors. Their trademark slogan, “super crispy, really good,” is simple and true. We recommend the Mesquite BBQ, Sea Salted and Vinegar, and Creamy French Onion flavors over the original Sea Salted flavor—slightly boring in comparison, although impressively containing only three ingredients. Backed by a funky website and an honest “Madhouse Creed” of beliefs (printed on the bag), the company has an all around country-quality charm.

Check out their website to find a store near you that carries them or to order some chips directly from Vermont (starting at $1.25 for a small bag).

by Todd Thomas