Mutsumi Hashi

Traditionally-crafted Japanese chopsticks symbolize sharing meals with loved ones


Handmade by artisans in the Ehime Prefecture, Oey’s Mutsumi Hashi chopsticks are beautifully linked together with Mizuhiki, a Japanese paper twine made from water, glue and silk. Traditionally tied onto gifts, the ancient Mizuhiki artform symbolizes a heart-to-heart connection.


Oey reinterprets this folklore by wrapping the cord-like Mizuhiki strings around the bamboo chopsticks, conveying the sentiment that you should enjoy the meal with a loved one.


With their warm-hearted message and gorgeous craftsmanship, the “harmonious chopsticks” make an ideal gift for someone special. They sell online from Oey for $30 in a range of complimentary colorways—like our personal favorite which mixes turquoise, seafoam and fluorescent green.