Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Japanophile

From indigo apparel to well-designed homewares and celebrations of the country's culture

One of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations, Japan‘s allure cannot be attributed to any specific sector. Be it cuisine or culture, design and architecture, cities of the future or quiet reprieves, the island nation offers unparalleled experiences. This is why we continue to return and explore. On the ground, we’ve seen this magnetism translate into the development of many globally acclaimed products, too. We are always on the look out for Japanese indigo, but that’s not all. There are so many items that reflect the values of the country and its aesthetic interests. Some of them comprise our Japanophile Gift Guide, which is sure to appeal to those dreaming of a visit or anyone who appreciates something produced with thoughtful details in mind. For more gifts, our greater BUY section features the same approach: appease curiosity with true value.