Bear Naked Instant Oatmeal


Bear Naked granola is a staple in the CHHQ pantry. Their products have always impressed us for their quality, variety, light and natural sweetness and their wholesome natural ingredients.

We were intrigued by their new line of instant oatmeal (two words we don't like to see together, honestly). Instant oatmeal is usually pretty gross, but we were impressed—really impressed—with the tasty, not-too-sweet, 90 seconds-in-the-microwave goodness that came out of these packets.

So while we may take our time and cook up a pot of organic steel cut oats from Fiddler's Green Farm in Maine on the weekend, we've hooked up a few boxes of Bear Naked for the rest of the week. We especially dig the Banana Walnut.

A box of eight packets costs around $5 and is available in Banana Walnut, Triple Berry, and Peach and Nut flavors. Availble at a store near you or online from Bear Naked.