Enduro Bites

Gluten-free, all-natural energy food with dark chocolate and Adriatic figs


Whether it’s skiing, running, or pushing the pedals on the road or single track, your body needs fuel to keep moving. As much as we’d like to nosh on a burrito during a long ride, it doesn’t exactly travel well. There’s no shortage of portable energy food but few gluten-free options as tasty and natural as Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Enduro Bites. “They originated from a recipe I began making in college to fuel my road and mountain bike rides,” says founder Brian Maslach. “After college I began working in the nutritional supplement industry and applied what I learned over the years to their recipe.”


To refine his recipe and formula, Maslach looked to elite athletes in skiing, running and cycling for feedback. He settled on two flavors to start—espresso and fig—both featuring 72% cocoa dark chocolate. Reading through the ingredient list on Enduro Bits doesn’t require a PhD in chemistry as the bars only contain all natural whole foods. Offering a freshly baked taste combined with the richness of the chocolate (without being overly sweet), these snacks are a blessing for the active set. Broken up into four blocks—each containing 100 calories—the simple calorie count makes managing nutrition a breeze when you’re on the go. Not meant for casual snacking, Enduro Bites are made for those looking for clean burning energy when they’re pushing the limit.

Enduro Bites are available online for $5 a pack or $49 for a box of 12.

Photos by Hans Aschim