Strong & KIND

All-natural snack bars packed with 10 grams of protein and loaded with savory, culinary flavors


Snacking on traditional cereal bars often means opting for syrupy sweet flavors, which just isn’t for everyone. Enter a new line of healthy, gluten-free, soy-free bars from renowned New York-based KIND that offers a 10-gram serving of protein in bold, savory flavors like Thai Sweet Chili and Roasted Jalapeño. The Strong & KIND snack line continues the brand’s exclusive use of natural ingredients, but this time opts for tastes with no shortage of spice and interesting infusions—a welcome change for those growing tired of snacking on oatmeal-like flavors. Protein comes from a melange of almonds, hemp seeds, pea crisps and pumpkin seeds while the flavors result from whole spices like cumin, clove, cayenne and smoked sea salt—no artificial flavors here.

Strong & KIND bars are available at finer retailers and groceries starting in April for around $2. For more, visit KIND online.

Photos by Hans Aschim