Cereal Bars

Make your own delicious and nutritious cereal bars with this super-simple recipe


Always on the look out for a healthy new snack, we called on our friend Janice Lipman from Eleven Eleven Wellness to introduce us to a new recipe. Lipman, originator of the Greeno Mojito we made together recently, introduced us to the basic Cereal Bar recipe by Tricia Williams of Food Matters. The healthful bars require minimal prep time, a short list of ingredients and most importantly taste great.

Reminding us of childhood, these straight forward bars are an organic option that’s sure to be devoured by kids and adults alike. The bountiful bars hold a foundation of oats and rice cereal, held together by almond butter and honey and spiked with dried cranberries and sea salt. Below are the details on how to create a heaping serving of the delicious cereal bars.



1/2 cup Almond Butter

1/2 cup honey

1 cup rolled oats—toasted

1 cup puffed brown rice cereal

1/2 cup almonds—toasted and chopped

1/3 cup dried cranberries

pinch of sea salt



Thoroughly melt the honey and almond butter in a small sauce pan, then add the melted mixture to a medium bowl containing the oats, cereal, almonds, dried cranberries, and sea salt. Stir until all is well combined. With wet hands or using a piece of wax paper press the cereal bar mixture into an 8 inch square pan that’s been lightly coated in oil and lined with parchment paper. Once the mixture is pressed flat and even set the pan in the fridge for an hour to harden. Remove, cut into individual bars and enjoy.


Once you’ve given the original recipe a try we recommend experimenting with other dried fruits and even substituting the cranberries with coconut or chocolate chips to turn the bar from snack to dessert. Head to Food Matters for more information on eating healthy with their private chef services and nutrition counseling services.