OneCook Personal Robotic Chef

Fresh ingredients go in, home-cooked meals come out

Modern kitchen appliances can brew you the perfect espresso, bake a fluffy loaf of bread, mix a killer cocktail or even blend up a personalized smoothie—all with the press of a single button. So why not program them to cook a full meal? That’s exactly what Boston-based company TNL Corp. has done with OneCook, a personal “robotic chef” that can prepare everything from pasta to kung pao chicken while you sit back and relax. The device itself resembles a glorified rice-cooker, and is optimized to work with pre-packaged ingredient sets from TNL Corp., but it will work with your own store-bought ingredients too. Of course, it’s WiFi-enabled and comes with its own dedicated app, from which users can control the OneCook, order new meals (which cost between $8 and $10), and see exactly how long until their food is ready.

At first, the premise may seem non-essential to regular home cooks, but for those who constantly see themselves defrosting frozen pizzas or microwaving pre-made meals, OneCook could be the healthier alternative. The device is an honest look at the future kitchen, where much of the leg work will be handled by electronics.

OneCook is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, where a $99 pledge will secure a device.

Images courtesy of OneCook