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Bucket’s Portland Press

Turn a standard Mason jar into a sustainably-made French press

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Sometimes Portland is just so “Portland”—and we love them for it. The small-batch-everything mentality has given birth to an endless supply of start-ups with interests varying from leather goods to ice cream. The most recent to catch our attention references the little city’s number one love: coffee. Launching today on crowd-funding site Crowd Supply, design and build studio Bucket introduces the Portland Press, a long-term, sustainable alternative to the standard French press with a lifetime warranty. By replacing the plastic plunger and the easily breakable glass beaker with wood and a run-of-the-mill Mason Jar, the Portland Press should last through countless cups of Joe.


While the distinct design certainly isn’t for everyone, we’re willing to bet most of you have accidentally shattered a French press with little to no effort. The Mason Jar addresses this by being significantly stronger and, in a sense, modular—if you break it, just snag another jar from any number of places. Plus we like the idea of screwing on a lid to transport your black gold once brewed (and the grounds have been discarded).

If you’re a fan of the concept support Bucket via Crowd Supply where a pledge of $99 secures you a Portland Press complete with 24 oz Mason Jar, custom felted wool cozy and wood top, all made in America. Visit Bucket online for more information.

Images courtesy of Bucket


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