Rohan Anderson’s The Nursery Project

The Australian author and real food enthusiast hopes to open a rural farm to educate others on his honest way of life


After being faced with a laundry list of health issues stemming from a life lacking luster and a diet full of processed foods, Australia’s Rohan Anderson decided to make a comprehensive life change. As documented on his ever-inspiring blog Whole Larder Love, Anderson has since dedicated his life to living more honestly and earnestly through hunting, gathering and growing all that him and his family eat. And now, we’re excited to see Anderson intends to share his earned knowledge in another way with The Nursery Project. Currently seeking crowd-funding, the project will hopefully take the form of a physical farm and adjoining acreage where any interested parties can visit and learn through experience with real farming, growing, raising, curing, preserving, hunting and harvesting of their own food—all for an egalitarian “pay what you think is fair” price.


In September of 2012 we received a copy of Anderson’s book, “Whole Larder Love,” and shortly thereafter had the opportunity to meet the man himself during a workshop through NYC’s Best Made. Having been supporters of Anderson’s blog and book for some time, it was reassuring to confirm our positive preconceived notions. Without any investors, pseudo intentions or underwriting, Anderson’s genuine interest in spreading the word of real food is worth looking into. Visit his Indigogo campaign now to learn more and support the cause.

Images courtesy of Rohan Anderson