Well-Made Condiments by Sir Kensington’s

As food awareness moves forward, the brand is helping to keep sauces on par

Why read a story about condiments? Or, for that matter: why write one? After doing a full product range tasting with Sir Kensington‘s co-founder and CEO Mark Ramadan it became evident that there’s a conversation here worth having. Over the last few years, food awareness has increased dramatically—words and phrases like organic, non-GMO, cage-free and free-range now grace our vocabularies and ingredients labels have become more transparent and informative. And yet, the condiment world hasn’t received much of a shake up (aside from the surge in sriracha consumption). People still douse that Kobe beef burger with a ketchup that’s dominated the market for over 50 years. Part of that pertains to brand loyalty, and even nostalgia, but also the fact that there aren’t that many alternative condiment options out there. Therein lies the importance of a brand like Sir Kensington’s.

Many might not be aware of the fact that mayonnaise is the most consumed condiment in the US—even more so than ketchup, hot sauce and the hotly debated salsa. In 2013, Sir Kensington’s followed up their popular debut product—a ketchup made in upstate New York from whole, vine-ripened tomatoes and organic sugar—with a mayo made in Amish Country, Pennsylvania. It would go on to be their best seller for a few reasons. The ingredients are top quality: certified humane, free-range eggs, lemon juice and vinegar. This, coupled with an authentic recipe drawn from the origins of mayonnaise, begets a fresh and bright flavor—familiar and yet you can taste all of the components within. Nobody will tell you mayo is healthy, but the sheer impact of using quality ingredients not only impacts flavor but makes for a healthier product.

In 2014, Sir Kensington’s tackled the world of mustards. They now have a yellow, dijon and spicy brown offering. The latter is so rich and textured that it can in fact hold its own against pretzels and even meat, while maintaining the light-freshness of its components. However, it’s the other products in their mayonnaise category—including two released this summer—that again, truly impress. Understanding the success of their classic mayo helps contextualize their “Special Sauce,” Dijoinnaise and Chipotle variations. Ingredients are kept to a minimum and recipes remain authentic. In essence, you are tasting better, yet recognizable, iterations of celebrated favorites. There’s a reason restaurants and hotels stock Sir Kensington’s: when serving food that requires care and concern, it should be accompanied by a top quality sauce.

Sir Kensington’s is stocked at over 4,000 stores in the US, and available for purchase online.

Images courtesy of Sir Kensington’s