Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuits

Treat your furry friends to a healthy, filler-free snack, baked fresh in NYC


The natural, artisanal and small-batch renaissance hasn’t left the pet world untouched—with some hits (like CH favorite Bocce’s Bakery) and some misses. Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuits are the newest to receive paw-prints of approval from CH mascots Logan and Otis. Using organic human-grade ingredients, SMR offers Duck Confit, Salmon Tartare and Carrot Cake flavors and more that would make any dog owner salivate. (Full disclosure: I even tasted a Little Cheese Monger biscuit and have to say they have a nice flavor and consistency!)

While Logan eats just about anything (not being much of a barometer), Otis is picky—he’s been known to carefully pick out undesired food items from his dinner bowl. Both dogs readily enjoyed the Spoil Me Rotten Dog Treats, Logan in one voracious bite and Otis with a sniff, grab and slow nibble. As owners, it’s important that the treats are made in small batches with healthy ingredients and are free from fillers that dogs don’t genetically require—like corn, soy and wheat. The fact that they’re made here in NYC from locally-sourced ingredients is another bonus.

Each six-ounce bag of biscuits retails for $9 from SMR’s online shop; otherwise, check out the full list of pet supply retailers to find a brick and mortar store near you.

Image courtesy of Spoil Me Rotten