Bearded Brothers

All natural, gluten-free energy bars from Austin, Texas that are as healthy as they are delicious


Beards are (or, at least, were) often associated with wisdom. While the scientific jury may be out on this one, the facial hair-donning fraternal partnership at Austin’s Bearded Brothers might lend a little weight to the adage. The duo creates natural, raw, organic energy bars—that are gluten-free and soy-free to boot—in small batches. Sometimes taste and texture lack in favor of all the health benefits, but Bearded Brothers bars are surprisingly satisfying and delicious. Think of it as a candy bar without the empty calories and synthetic sugars. We tried the Colossal Coconut Mango, which gets its subtle sweetness and never-dry texture from mango and unsweetened coconut. Dates and chia seeds round out the bar’s body to make it a great solution to stave off unhealthy snacking or to bring along on a hike for clean burning energy.

Bearded Brothers energy bars are available in five flavors—including a variety aimed at chocolate lovers. For sale at finer food retailers across the US, the bars are also available online in four packs starting at $12.

Photos by Hans Aschim