This Season’s Teas

Three new ways to enjoy tea during warmer months or anytime of the year

Turning a hot brew cold during summer months is one way to do it, but with all the tea today in different forms and with special ingredients, there’s no need to reach for the Lipton now or any time of the year. From beneficial herbs to new matcha powders, see our recent finds from the world of tea below.


Runa Guayasa Blends

A new brand, Runa‘s organic blends feature the naturally-energizing herb guayusa, sourced from shaded areas of the Amazon rainforest. Traditionally consumed by indigenous Ecuadorians at social rituals or when hunting, guayusa is a stimulant that soothes upset stomachs and enlivens the senses. It comes loose ($12) or in satchels ($10) from Runa.


Stash Green Tea Powders

For those on the go or anyone keen to avoid firing up the kettle when it’s like a sauna outside, Stash recently introduced convenient tea powders. Natural fruity flavorings compliment ground whole green tea leaves for a tasty beverage that requires no brewing or steeping. Pick up a box of 12 from Stash for about $4.

SerendipiTea Pu-erh Buttons

SerendipiTea helps popularize Pu-erh tea buttons stateside with their new organic Sheng (green or raw tea) buttons comprised of leaves from China’s ancient Yunnan Province. The natural aging process produces a mellow cup of probiotic-rich tea and a slow brew allows multiple steepings of each button. The Pu-erh buttons will be available soon from SerendipiTea, running $14 for a 30-count box.